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Top 3 Ways To Preserve Hair Color

Top 3 Ways To Preserve Hair Color

SoZo Products Hair Tips – Top 3 Ways To Preserve Hair Color

#1- Ask your hair designer about the hair color “sealers” they offer.  There are sealers that do make a difference in hair color preservation. Hair Color Sealers stop the oxidation process by neutralizing chemical residue.  There will always be some residue left in the hair that can only be eliminated by neutralizing.  Good sealers will also close down the cuticle layer, which is the outside layer of the hair and is penetrated to some degree in the majority of hair color services. Doing this is also a huge benefit in protecting the integrity of not only hair color,  but the hair itself.  The cost is usually $15-$25 and is well worth the investment,  especially if fadage is an issue.
Many hair designers will let you try the sealer for the first time at no charge so the benefits speak for themselves.  Hint, hint.


#2- While using gentle color-safe shampoo is very important, shampooing less is even better! Dry shampoos are a wonderful thing!
For those with oily hair they’re a must try, even if they’re applied before showering and just rinsed, the detergents are avoided. Many people with fine or oily hair find rinsing/wetting the hair isn’t even necessary when dry shampoo is used.
For dry hair, try using only a light weight conditioner instead of shampoo in the shower. Light weight conditioners will often “attract and quench” debris and odors,  rinsing them away without the use of detergent.  This too will preserve color and condition. We recommend our SoZo Dry Shampoo and our Silk Protein Conditioner.

SoZo Dry Shampoo 3oz (Medium)SoZo Silk Protein Conditioner 8oz (Medium)

#3- Use a quality leave in conditioner and/or thermal protectant.  These products protect the hair and  hair color from the sun and from hot styling tools!  Heat and light tend to raise (open) the cuticle, when this happens color molecules escape.  By not allowing this in such a simple way, you’ll notice longer lasting color and healthier hair! We recommend our MIRACLE Leave-In Treatment for youthful, ageless hair and our SoZo Thermal Protect. You can read more about these, and all our other fine products by going to

Miracle isolated larger (Medium)SoZo Thermal Protect 8oz Corrected (Medium)

If your Hair Designer has a recommendation of something he/she really likes, it’s a good idea to take that recommendation and not “chance” it at the drug store where either you pay as much for a decent product, or get something sub par that might be cheaper.  If you look good, your designer looks good and they do usually want what’s best for you.

Have a HaPpY HaIr DaY!


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MIRACLE Leave-In Treatment

MIRACLE Leave-In Treatment

The new MIRACLE Leave-In Hair Treatment from SoZo Products saves, heals and protects the hair.  It adds moisture and protein to the cortex (inner layer of the hair), which strengthens, then seals the cuticle which protects the inner layer and hair color molecules.  By sealing the cuticle the hair is more reflective which adds shine,… Continue Reading

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