Choosing the Right SoZo Product for Your Hair

Choosing the Right SoZo Product for Your Hair

 SoZo Products Tips – Choosing The Right SoZo Hair Products

Have you ever wondered what kind of products SoZo makes? That’s right, I said makes. SoZo has their very own line of products. First I will give you an overview of our shampoos and conditioners, which are ALL color safe, then the SoZo styling products;

MIRACLE Leave-In Treatment is the flagship product that will save, heal and protect your hair! Use after showering on towel dry hair to de-tangle. Use on dry hair to kill the frizz, tame unmanageable and unruly hair and to add softness. Seals the hair cuticle making the hair more reflective and shiny. Perfect for all hair types!

Miracle isolated larger (Medium)

Cool Toning Shampoo:
SoZo Cool Toning Shampoo 8oz (Medium)

This is great to alternate with  your regular shampoo regimen to get rid of those “brassy” tones all of you beautiful blondes want out of your hair.

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner:
SoZo Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Shampoo 8oz (Medium)SoZo Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Conditioner 8oz (Medium)

This has a great peppermint smell. It makes the hair shiny soft and manageable all while feeling “cool” on the scalp. Also has tea tree oil for scalp health!

Keratin Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner:
SoZo Keratin Therapy Shampoo 8oz (Medium)SoZo Keratin Therapy Conditioner 8oz (Medium)

Light weight daily use. Helps to seal the cuticle locking in proteins helping to reduce frizz and add shine.

Silk Protein Conditioner:
SoZo Silk Protein Conditioner 8oz (Medium)

This is a self adjusting conditioner. It only takes in what the hair needs and the rest rinses out. It’s light weight, detangles and adds lots of shine.

Volumizing Shampoo:
SoZo Volumize Shampoo 8oz (Medium)

Will add lift and volume to the root of your hair to give you a fuller look when styled.

Color Protect Shampoo:
SoZo Color Protect Shampoo 8oz (Medium)

Will give extra color protection between color services, also strengthens hair with chamomile and which hazel.

Now for styling products!
Molding Paste:
SoZo Molding Paste 2oz (Medium)

Defines and separates hair. Gives a matte finish and is non greasy !

Manipulating Mudd:
SoZo Manipulating Mudd 2oz (Medium)

Has a lighter hold than the paste.  Great for men and women. Use it to piece out your style, tame fly aways or just to add shine.

Straight and Shine:
SoZo Straight and Shine 4oz (Medium)

Aerosol straightening spray that smooths frizz, seals in moisture and is non greasy. Helps with great results for all iron work.

Curl Cream:
SoZo Curl Cream 4oz (Medium)

This is great for fighting frizz, defining curls and giving a light hold.

Hard Rock Gel:
SoZo Hard Rock Gel 4oz (Medium)

Extreme hold and works great for short spikey styles. Does not flake so you have a great look that lasts all day.

Zero Frizz:
SoZo Zero Frizz Control 4oz (Medium)

Use on wet or dry hair. You can use it to tame fly aways, define texture and gives curls a nice soft hold. Did I mention it’s humidity resistant?

Thermal Protect:
SoZo Thermal Protect 8oz (Medium)

If you are using any kind of hot tool I hope you’re using a thermal protectant. This is going to protect hair from heat damage , add shine and softness. Don’t worry it’s not greasy and won’t weigh your hair down.

Root Boost:
SoZo Root Boost 8oz (Medium)

Spray this on your roots to get a fuller look when styled. Adds great hold and lift, supports your style and adds shine.

Argan Oil Treatment:
SoZo Argan Oil Aspect CorrectedGreat for brittle aging hair, thermal protectant, smoothes frizz and also gives curls more bounce. I’ve also found that if I curl my hair and make it “too big ” I can run some oil thru it to tame the craziness!

Dry Shampoo:
SoZo Dry Shampoo 3oz (Medium)

Don’t want to wash your hair everyday? No problem. Use this between shampoos for a fresh look and fragrance!

Spray Gel:
SoZo Spray Gel 8oz (Medium)

Doesn’t flake and is alcohol free. It’s not heavy and you can use it on wet or dry hair for a nice soft shiny hold.

Perfection Spritz:
SoZo Perfection Spritz Hairspray 8oz (Medium)

Adds texture and hold. It’s fast drying all while moisturizing and adding shine. This is in a spray bottle not and aerosol.

Argan Oil Mask:
SoZo Argan Oil Restorative Mask 8oz (Medium)

Restores moisture and elasticity. This is a great deep conditioner for everyone!

Perfection Hairspray:
SoZo Perfection Hairspray 10oz (Medium)

Fast drying, medium hold and humidity resistant.

Perfection Plus Hairspray:
SoZo Perfection PLUs Hairspray2 10oz (Medium)

Stronger hold than the Perfection Hairspray. Fast drying adds texture and has a UV protectant.

Now that you have read what products we have to offer, are you thinking “I wonder what would be best for my hair type?” If so, give us a call for a free consultation.

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