Our Story


First of all why call a business SoZo? Not only is SoZo a cool, hip word, but it also has a “heavenly” meaning! The word sozo is an ancient, Greek, Biblical word that means to save, heal, deliver, protect and make whole. It’s actually found 110 times in the New Testament with the healing miracles of Jesus!

The idea for SoZo Products LLC started back in 2002 when the owner, Mark Welch, applied for a patent with the USPTO for a Custom Shampoo and Conditioner Beauty Bar. The basic idea revolved around seven characteristics of hair, i.e. fine-to-course, oily-to-dry, straight-to-curly, virgin-to-chemically treated, etc. Each of the ‘hair traits’ was represented on a 10-point scale and botanicals were used to achieve the performance characteristics for an individuals type of hair. So cosmetologists who were expertly trained in this methodology would write a prescription for a unique and custom shampoo and/or conditioner, that the client would take to the ‘Beauty Bar’ and have made by a ‘lab coat wearing technician’.

For Every Bottle We DonateWe started with a luxurious and very high performance base shampoo that was either clear or pearlized and then added organic botanical ingredients using a custom paint mixing device you’d find at the hardware store. We finished off asking if they liked a certain color (orange for fall, yellow for spring, etc.) which we added and we did the same for the fragrance.  A custom label with their name was adhered to the bottle and we handed them the warm bottle of product!

Great idea right? Unfortunately, the USPTO examiner didn’t like that we were claiming that botanicals could actually do things for your hair. So we amended our patent filing and refiled, again and again, until what we were left with was nothing like what we started with. The process took eight years and 10’s of thousands of dollars until Mark finally pulled the plug and said “No more!”

In year five of the process, Mark got tired of waiting and approached a toll manufacturer to make a full line of high quality, professional, salon products. Today the product line is comprised of shampoos, conditioners, styling aids, leave-in treatments and finishing products. The product line is color coded for easy identification as you can see from the graphic at the bottom of the page. Shampoos are red, conditioners are blue, leave-in treatments are black, styling aids are green and finishing products are orange.

In 2015, after five (5) years of development, we launched our most exciting product ever, ‘MIRACLE Leave-In Treatment’ for Youthful, Ageless hair! The new MIRACLE Leave-In Hair Treatment from SoZo Heavenly Hair Care saves, heals and protects the hair.  It adds moisture and protein to the cortex (inner layer of the hair), which strengthens, then seals the cuticle which protects the inner layer and hair color molecules.  By sealing the cuticle the hair is more reflective which adds shine, diminishes frizz and fly away’s, mends split ends, protects from sun and heat damage, gives light control/hold and….. smells amazing!

Here I am making MIRACLE in my kitchen.

20150326_161345 (Medium)20150327_125724 (Medium)20150331_141310 (Medium)

With a state of the art, high-viscosity, NO CLOG sprayer it’s the easiest application ever when it comes to leave-in conditioning treatments!  Even distribution with the calibrated and atomized mist gives amazing results without extra time or effort. The easy-to-hold, anti-slip, sleek BULLET bottle gives superb control so the product goes exactly where you want it. MIRACLE comes in two sizes, 6.75oz Luxury Size and 2oz Travel Size. At a cost of about 15 cents per use, it’s a must have for your hair.  Click on the image to purchase.

MIRACLE Bottle and Wings-HiContrast

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