RETAIL-Curly Wavy Hair Product Suite-SIMPLE (Medium)

Curly/Wavy Hair Product Suite

$137.65 $117.00

Receive a 15% discount when purchasing all products in this suite!

That’s $20.65 in savings!!

Entire CURLY/WAVY HAIR PRODUCT SUITE costs only $1.09 per day when used as directed!!!

Product Description

The CURLY/WAVY HAIR PRODUCT SUITE is designed to maintain a Soft, Voluminous, Frizz-Free Control of your wavy/curly hairstyle! Adds Shine and Bounce to your beautifully defined hair every day!

SAVE $20.65!!

Normally $137.65 purchased separately, with 15% Suite Discount only $117.00!
That’s only $1.09 per day when used as directed!!

Suite includes:
Volumize Shampoo, 8oz, 38¢/use, $18.95
Silk Protein Conditioner, 8oz, 38¢/use, $18.95
Curl Cream, 4oz, 17¢/use, $19.95
Zero Frizz Control Cream, 4oz, 19¢/use, $19.95
MIRACLE Leave-In Treatment, 7oz, 12¢/use, $23.95
“Just Right” Spray Gel, 8oz, 7¢/use, $17.95
Perfection Spritz, 8oz, 9¢/use, $17.95


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