RETAIL-Damaged Hair Product Suite-SIMPLE (Medium)

Damaged Hair Product Suite

$175.75 $149.39

Receive a 15% discount when purchasing all products in this suite!
That’s $26.36 in savings!!
Entire DAMAGED HAIR PRODUCT SUITE costs only $1.74 per day when used as directed!!!

Product Description

The DAMAGED HAIR PRODUCT SUITE is specifically formulated to Seal Cuticles to keep Hair Healthy and Shiny! Smooths Down Frizz, Repairs Split Ends and Protects Hair from further damage!

SAVE $26.36

Normally $175.75 purchased separately, with 15% Suite Discount only $149.39!

That’s only $1.74 per day when used as directed!!


Suite includes:
Marula Oil Shampoo, 8oz, 38¢/use, $21.95
Marula Oil Conditioner, 8oz, 48¢/use, $23.95
Argan Restorative Mask, 8oz, $1.63/use, $26.10
Argan Oil Treatment, 2oz, 37¢/use, $21.95
MIRACLE Leave-In Treatment, 7oz, 12¢/use: $23.95
Thermal Protect, 8oz, 14¢/use, $17.95
Hair Freshener Dry Shampoo, 3oz, 95¢/use, $18.95
Perfection Hairspray, 10oz, 47¢/use, $20.95



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