SoZo Cool Toning Shampoo 8oz (Medium)

SoZo Cool Toning Shampoo – 8oz


COOL TONING SHAMPOO reduces those “brassy” tones that blondes get. Now you can get the same in-salon toning service at home!

Approximately 50 uses per 8oz bottle and lasts a long time!

Only costs about 40 cents per use!!

Product Description

COOL TONING SHAMPOO is a great hair cleanser made for blondes and improves hair brightness and reduces “brassy” tones.

Cool Toning Shampoo gives you the same results as you would get having a salon professional perform a ‘toning’ service on your blonde hair!

Now you can get the same in-salon toning service at home! Cool Toning Shampoo works to reduce gold and yellow tones from highlighted hair to give a more (Professional Grade toning shampoo)”cool” tone look between your color service. Use with SILK PROTEIN CONDITIONER to help give moisture and shine back to hair. Tones brassiness and brightens blondes. This unique color enhancing formula works to brighten and clarify natural colors while imparting shine and conditioning.

COOL TONING SHAMPOO can be mixed and matched with other SoZo Color Enhancing shampoos to expand natural hair color, tone gold and create vivid dramatic looks.

Cost per Use (8oz bottle) – Only 40 cents per use!

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Primary Benefits:
• Tones “brassiness”, brightens blonde
• Gets rid of gold tones on blondes
• Clarifies natural colors, imparts shine
• Very Strong – as good as a professional color toning service